UNIBINDER 8.2 1pcs

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UNIBINDER 8.2 1pcs

Product Description

 The UniBinder is an innovative new thermal binding machine that includes a crimping tool. With this capability, you can use a small, medium or large spine and crimp to fit your document, meaning you no longer need to stock a large variety of different spine sizes.

Our specially designed UniCovers come in five exciting new colors too.


  •          The UniBinder 8.2 can bind up to 6 documents at once
  •          Binds up to 340 sheets
  •          Crimps up to 340 sheets using only 5 spine sizes of UniCovers
  •          Economical: no warm up time required


  •          Your work is done in 3 easy steps
  •          User-friendly
  •          Operates fully automatically after magnetic detection of spine


  •          Perfect binding quality
  •          Super-strong permanent bond
  •          Edit documents quickly and easily


  •          Always ready to use
  •          Maintenance free